All artists experience the unbridgeable gap which lies between the work of their hands, however successful it may be, and the dazzling perfection of the beauty glimpsed in the ardour of the creative moment: what they manage to express in their painting, their sculpting, their creating is no more than a glimmer of the splendour which flared for a moment before the eyes of their spirit.

Believers find nothing strange in this: they know that they have had a momentary glimpse of the abyss of light which has its original wellspring in God. Is it in any way surprising that this leaves the spirit overwhelmed as it were, so that it can only stammer in reply?

- Pope St. John Paul II, Letter to Artists

Saturday, October 4, 2014


This summer, as every summer, the fireflies came to remind us to be young and full of wonder. Two of our little ones took special delight in spying and stalking fireflies in the dusk, and if I could draw figures of people worth a darn I might have included them in this page.

Before I started I dabbed a few dots if rubber cement here and there. I drew some of the details in with a combination of colored pencils and watercolor pencils. The tree trunks are brown India ink. The tree tops are watercolor. The whole thing got a wash of dark blue and black watercolor in top and green and black watercolor in the bottom. Somewhere along the way it also got an unintended water wash (somebody spilled something) so there's also some watercolor repair in there. After all that, I took off the rubber cement and dotted the white spots with yellow highlighter and little black specks. I might have gotten fancier with the lettering if I weren't so impatient to be done. As it is, I used a fine point Sharpie for the main text, some alphabet stamps for the stand-out words, with black ink and yellow pigment stamp pads. 

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